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C E Z M History

Church of England Zanana Mission School which is known as C.E.Z.M Higher Elementary School, (now C.E.Z.M. Higher Primary School) located in Thimmaiah Road, Bangalore-51 was established in the year 1900 by the Missionaries of England. Miss Mc Nerny of England is the founder of this Institution.  It was intended to cater to the needs of Muslim girls.  Girls above 8 years used to come to School in Burkas and in bullock carts with Parda from Neelasandra, Shoolay Elgundanapalya, Shivajinagar etc.

This School was also associated with the then Zanana Mission  Hospital which  is now called CSI Hospital.  The School had classes upto lower secondary.  The Students who passed Lower Secondary Public examination were eligible to be admitted to neighboring High Schools.  This School is unique in the sense that it is the only Christian Institution in the whole of South India which caters to the needs of Muslim children with Urdu as the medium of instruction.
Some of the girls who were in the C.E.Z.M. boarding School at Vishranthi Nilaya were admitted to C.E.Z.M.  School where they learnt Urdu.  They also attended Hindusthani Church (Urdu Service).  Missionaries of England Dr. Weston & Dr. Junkinson who were incharge of this Boarding School also gave their full support for the upliftment of this Institution which is worth mentioning.  Some of the boarding School girls were given teachers training after completing lower secondary in this School began to work in this Institution from late 1930s.  The following were some of the talented honest committed Christian teachers who worked in this Institution.

1.   Miss Grace Pauline
2.   Mrs. Mirian Edwards
3.   Mrs. Shirein Daniel (Physically handicapped)
4.   Mrs. Sundari Barkath Rajarathnam
5.   Mrs. Grace Immanuel
6.   Ms.NesammaJayaraja

They served this institution faithfully and retired in the late sixties with pension benefits.  The School is proud to mention the name of Mrs. Shirein Daniel ex Assistant mistress who is now 95 years of age (still living) and faithfully attending Hindusthani Church service in Vishranthi Nilaya .
C.E.Z.M. Higher Primary School (Urdu) is an aided Institution which received Maintenance grants from the Department of Education till 1970. The deficit amount was paid by the Mission.  Since 1.1.1970 the School is receiving advance Salary grant for the government approved Staff.  This was a great boon to the School Management.  The School maintained a good standard of Education which was well recognized by the Education Department.  Since 1950 Ceylon and India General Mission (C.&I. G.M) was running this Institution for the Church of England Zanana Mission . Year after year the School grew strength to strength. The following are the names of the Headmistresses who headed this Institution from 1940 onwards.
          1. Mrs. Thangaiah
          2. Mrs. Grace Tucker (Ex Deputy Education Minister for Education)
          3. Mrs. Leena Edwin
          4. Mrs. Edith Dyer   (from 1955 to 1964)
          5. Mrs. Sarojini Devaraj (from 1964 to 1991)
          6. Mrs. D.S. Swarnalatha (from 1991 to 2012)
          7. Mrs. Lilly Dayamani (from 2012)

Since Zanana Mission ceased to exist the C & I.G.M. handed over the School and its property to Church of South India Karnataka Central Diocese in the year 1970.  Miss Jyothi Parker who was the then Principal of Goodwill Girls’ High School was nominated as honorary Secretary of this School by the CSIKCD.  It was during her time the School was handed over to CSI-KCD.   The School gives importance to Christian values, prayer, moral instruction lessons based on scriptures. Urdu hyms and gazals are being sung in the School Assembly every day.

In 1969 the Managing committee felt the need to open C.E.Z.M. English Primary School with Urdu as the second language in order to cater to the needs of Muslim boys and girls in particular.  Mrs. Grace Tucker, the ex deputy Minister for Education who was on the Board of Management assisted  the Headmistress     Mrs. Sarojini Devaraj to meet the Education Secretary  to the  Government and submit the application for permission to run English Medium without aid.  As a result of this, permission was granted to run C.E.Z.M. English Primary School without aid.  Both boys and girls were admitted to the English Section while in the aided Urdu section only girls were admitted.  Then both English and Urdu Medium section gained strength year after year.   The English medium was upgraded every year for seven year and thus C.E.Z.M. English Primary School was full fledged with an average strength of 50 per class both in the Urdu and English Medium till 1991.
It is worth mentioning about the bulbuls Flock registered under Bharath Scouts and Guides as 7th flock of bulbuls which is the oldest unit of Bharath Scouts & Guides.  This was headed by Flock leaders Miss Murfuah, Assistant Mistress Urdu Section, Mrs. Rita Pricella Assistant Mistress Urdu Section.  They brought laurels to the institution and our Flock was recommended for both District and National Level camps by the Bharath Sports and Guides.  It was an honour for the Institution to send these children for the above camps.  Flock leader Mrs. Rita Pricella attended several training camps and succeeded in attaining the highest badge of honour which is called Himalaya Wood Badge which is an honour to the Institution.  She was the District Flock leader of bulbuls in the Bharth Scouts and Guides. She also received the Asia Pacific award from the Governor in April 2010 for the meritorious rendered.

The School Annual Day and Sports Day were the regular features of the School since 1980.  This was held in Gurunanak Bhavan and Mount Carmel College Stadium respectively.  The School Annual day & Sports day were also held in     St. John’s auditorium and School ground.  The School also took part in the Departmental Sports at range level, Taluk level & District level conducted by the Department for Education for primary School.  They won many prizes and shields. The School won the District champion shield and for District level March past.

This School catered to the needs of poor lower and middle income section of Muslims . With a view to uplift such families and extend the love of Christ to those children and their families in a practical way  prayers were offered continuously by the then Headmistress Mrs. Sarojini Devaraj and Miss Jyothi Parker, Principal of Goodwill Girls’ High School.  The Almighty opened the way in the year 1984. Mrs. Jyothi Parker recommended our School to Compassion for India as a result of which 40 children were given support by Compassion for India under the name C.E.Z.M. Child Development Project. Our heartfelt gratitude to Compassion for India now called Caruna Bal Vikas for increasing the strength from 40 to 120 in1991 and to 226 in 2012.
After Mrs. Sarojini Devaraj, Headmistress of the School retired Mrs. D.S. Swarnalatha tookover the charge of the School and the Project and Mrs. Catherine Beaulah became the Headmistress of English Section for departmental purposes. Later when Mrs. Catherine Beaulah resigned Mrs. D.S. Swarnalatha tookover the charge of English Section also. After Mrs. D.S. Swarnalatha retired Mrs. Lilly Dayamani tookover the charge of the School (both Urdu and English Sections) and the Project on 30th June 2012.

Heartfelt thanks to St.John’s High School and Bishop Cotton Boys’ School for providing a good School building with better lights and ventilation.  Special thanks to St John’s.high School for adopting the Institution, improving the infrastructure of our School and taking care of its progress.
Our Diocese has been providing Mid-day meals for all our School children since November 2004. Heartfelt thanks to the Bishop and the officers of the Diocese for taking all the initiatives taken to uplift our School.
May the School continue to uphold the Motto of the School "Ever for the best” and lift the flag of C.E.Z.M. School high for the Glory of God.