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CEZM Child Development Project concentrates on the Holistic development of a Child and is run by the CSI-KCD dedicated to the long term development of children living in poverty among the Muslim community. CEZM Child Development Project was started in the year 1986 among the Muslim community with 48 Muslim children registered in the project. The project has gone from strength to strength and in the year 2015 there are 229 children registered in the project. The registered children are taken care of based on the guidelines provided by the sponsoring agency.

Mrs. Dorthy Janet, the Project Co-ordinator along with a team of 8 members are completely dedicated to the development of the project children.

The aspect of Compassion with regard to a quantitative dimension such that individuals of CEXM Project through Compassion are giving support to these children who are less priviledged and deserve help to get a minimum education with facilities that cater to the need of these Muslim children. The project respects the needs of the children by fostering a caring and creative environment thereby emphasizing the Spiritual, Social, Physical and Educational development of each child. We believe that each child is an individual and is unique. We encourage each child to become a confident individual by recognizing their innate talents and skills.

We establish values that will nurture him/her to act with thoughtfulness, humanity and humility that will empower the students to successfully move forward in life's challenges and hardships. Many activities are conducted for children referring curricullum books prescribed by the sponsoring agency.