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The Staff at CEZM are completely dedicated to the School and its Mission of education for all


Mrs. Sajeela Khanum is the Class Teacher of Std.VII Urdu Medium. Served In the English Medium from 1975 to 1981. Later she was appointed in the Urdu Medium(Aided) in the year 1982. She teaches Science and Urdu . She is also the Sports Secretary. She is a pillar of strength to our institution.

Mrs. Sajeela Khanum - Teacher


Mrs. Rahathunnisa,is the Class Teacher of Std. V Urdu Medium. She teaches all subjects. Loves the children . She also assists the Headmistress in her departmental work.

Mrs. Rahathunnisa - Teacher


Mrs. Shamshad Begum is the Class Teacher of Std. VI.She has been working in this Instituion since 2009.She is a good orator, Has great vision for her students and strives hard for the cause.

Mrs. Shamshad Begum - Teacher


Mrs. Gulnazunnisa is the Class Teacher of Std.I. She has been working in this Institution since 2009.She handles all the subjects for Std.I. A very helpful and kind hearted person.

Mrs. Gulnazunnisa - Teacher


Mrs. Sheela Doraisingh is the Class teacher of Std.II . She joined our Institution in the year 1999.

Mrs. Sheela Doraisingh - Teacher


Mrs. Yasmina Tabassum is the class teacher of Std.V E. She was appointed in the year 2001. She resigned her job in the year 2004 and rejoined in the year 2010. She is a very talented teacher.

Mrs. Yasmina Tabassum - Teacher


Mrs.Noorunnisa is the Class Teacher of Std. VIII English Mediu, has been in the Institution since 1978.,the senior most teacher. She is Alumini of this Institution of the year 1970.

Mrs.Noorunnisa - Teacher


Mrs. Vasanthi Prabhu,Class teacher of IV English Medium, has teaching experience of 14 years shoulders additional responsibility as cultural secretary.

Mrs. Vasanthi Prabhu - Teacher


Mrs. Susan Emily a new comer to the teaching field, Class teacher of Std.VI, good in cultural activities, shoulders additional responsibility as Assistant Sports Secretary.

Mrs. Susan Emily - Teacher


Mrs. Clarence J. Class teacher of Std.V English Medium, teaches Kannada , has been teaching here since 2010.

Mrs. Clarence J. - Teacher


Mrs. Sumathy Viyajkumar, class teacher of Std.VI English Medium , appointed in the year 2003, teaches mainly English & Social. A good economist tries to raise fund for the needy children.

Mrs. Sumathy Viyajkumar - Teacher


Mrs. Asha Rathna class teacher Std.III has been teaching in this Institution for a decade,,handles Kannada for the primary section, good in social activities.

Mrs. Asha Rathna - Teacher


Mrs. Najmunnisa class teachers of Std.II English medium teaches Urdu for lower classes, serving here for the past 2 years.

Mrs. Najmunnisa - Teacher


Mrs. Ancy Praveena class teacher of Std. I English medium

Mrs. Ancy Praveena - Teacher


Mrs. Usha , Admin Staff working in this Institution since 1980 A good and dedicated staff, though an admin. Staff also help in cultural activities.

Mrs. Usha - Admin Staff


Mrs. Joyce Christobel Heri , Admin Staff working since 1988.

Mrs. Joyce Christobel Heri - Admin Staff


Mrs. Mary Susai Raj working as maintenance staff since 2006. A dedicated staff.

Mrs. Mary Susai Raj - Maintenance staff


Mrs. Gouramma working as maintenance staff since 2008. A sincere and hard worker.

Mrs. Gouramma - Maintenance staff





The Staff at CEZM are completely dedicated to the School and its Mission of education for all


Mrs. Dorthy Janet, Project Coordinator , CEZM CD Project working for the past 4 year.A good leader who maintains high standard, but is also proactive to achieve excellence in all areas.

Mrs.Dorthy Janet - Project Coordinator


Mrs. Esther working as Child Development Associate since 1999 taken over an additional responsibility of accountant in 2013. A very dedicated staff , always ready to take up any responsibility given and does it with a great zeal.

Mrs. Esther - Project Consultant


Mrs. Esther Praveen, Child Development Associate has put in 3 years of experience, good in cultural activities.

Mrs. Esther Praveen - Project Consultant


Mrs. Ruth Soundary, Child Development Associate, has put in 2 years and shows good interest towards the children.

Mrs. Ruth Soundary - Project Consultant


Mrs. Beena Maria has been working as Child Development Associate for the past 6 months and works with great passion.

Mrs. Beena Maria - Project Consultant


Mrs. Mary, works as cook/helper for past 19 years dedicated to any work entrusted to her.

Mrs. Mary - Cook