Furniture Upgrade

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CEZM School over the last 114 years has with the donations of well wishers and organizaions moved with the times from having a few basic structures to educate a child to spacious and airy rooms in the heart of the city. During this focus on improving infrastructure the School due to a paucity of funds has had to compromise on certain basic amenities such as school furniture. Currently our children use had me down basic furniture for their classrooms.

To understand the costs, timelines and benefits of new furniture for classrooms the management decided to make a set of funiture shown in the picture. In case any Donors are willing to donate furniture for a few classrooms or even one classroom please visit the Donations page.

Costing for Classroom Furniture

Given below is the cost of classroom furniture. Donors can access procedure for donations on the Support page

# Number of Classrooms Tables and Benches per Classroom Cost per Classroom Total Cost
1 10 10 Rs.75000 Rs.750,000