Computer Lab

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CEZM High School plans to make access to technology and resources on the Internet an everyday tool, rather than a luxury which it is in most of the institutions. Children from a young age should be able to learn that the a computer and the internet gives access to information which in an ideal world should be available freely. High School is a time when children have an urge to learn and an ability to absorb..

The School plans to have 25 networked systems with access to the internet and cloud based services. Children will be introduced to different types of operating systems, productivity tools and information gathering scenarios with access to elearning which will indroduce them to the potential of the web. If the students understand how information can be accessed and used to improve their knowledge the purpose of setting up this lab would have been fulfilled.

Costing for Computer Lab

Given below is the cost of computers and other equipment required for the computer lab. Donors can access procedure for donations on the Donations page

# Requirement Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
1 Computers 25 Rs.25000 Rs.625,000
2 Wi-Fi Networking Hub 2 Rs.20,000 Rs.40,000
3 Projector 1 Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000
4 Electrical and Furniture Consolidate Rs.125,000 Rs.125,000
5 UPS 1 Rs.75,000 Rs.75,000