Audio Visual Room

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It is the aspiration of CEZM School to build an Audio Video Room to extend and enhance the learning experience of the students. Further plans of CEZM School are to make access to technology and resources an everyday tool rather than a luxury which it is in most of the institutions, especially for the under privileged children the Audio Visual room can be used as an enhancement for the teacher

Today with resources such as the Indian Government elearning portal, Khan academy, Youtube Education, Udemy and other Universities offering varied topics the Audio Visual Room would be a window to the world for the children of the school and would motivate them to use the facilities and the opportunities provided to transform themselves into students that the School can be proud of and future ambassadors of the school

Communication defines our ability to understand new ideas as well as articulate them. In a School were most of the children come from less privileged backgrounds the ability to communicate assumes a very important facet of the overall development of the child. Our School currently plans to combine the Computer Lab, Audio Visual Room and Language Lab to utilise the resources optimally. Donations for the language labs are required mainly for the access tools and software.